Context of Elements of geography, : with the principles of natural philosophy, and sketches of general history. Containing I. The figure of the earth, and the Elements of Mechanics and Astronomy. II. The Oeconomy of the Sublunary Works of Creation, Living and Inanimate. Cohesion, Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity, Optics, Phonics, Pneumatics, Meteors, Hydrostatics, &c. the Structure of Fossils, Anatomy of Plants and Animals. III. Picturesque and General Sketches of the different Parts of the Earth, and the varied Appearances and Manners of its Inhabitants, both Man and Brute. With an Account of J. Cook's last Voyage, which, in accounting for the peopling of the remote Parts of the World, may serve the most incredulous as a Cord to bind together all the Nations of the Earth in one great Family, descended from one common Stock. Also, The History of Slavery, ancient and modern. IV. The Rise, Revolutions and Fall of the Principal Empires of the World. In which the Jewish History is, as the most important, most fully entered into; with a particular Account of the Siege and final Destruction of Jerusalem. V. Changes through different Ages in the Manners of Mankind. In which the Idolatry of the Ancients, the Testimonies of the Primitive Christians, and the Gothic and Feudal Manners, with the gradual Refinement of Europe therefrom, are particularly described. VI. Vii. Viii. IX. Descriptions of the different quarters of the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Their Divisions into Countries, Provinces, &c. their Climates, Soils, Animals, Plants, Minerals, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, Commerce, Manufactures, Curiosities, Schools, Learning, Literati, Religious Profession, Language, Government, History, &c. Illustrated With Ten Copperplates. BY John Walker, Teacher of the Classics and Mathematics, Usher's Island, Dublin. Being principally the substance of a course of lectures addressed to his pupils

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