Context of A new, royal, authentic, complete, and universal system of geography; or, A modern history and description of the whole world. : Containing new, full, accurate, authentic, and interesting accounts and descriptions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, as consisting of continents, islands, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, promontories, capes, bays, peninsulas, isthmusses, gulphs, &c. And as divided into empires, kingdoms, states, and republics. Together with a description of their limits, boundaries, climate, soil, natural and artificial curiosities and productions, religions, laws, government, revenues, forces, antiquities, &c. Also the provinces, cities, towns, villages, forts, castles, harbours, sea-ports, aqueducts, mountains, mines, minerals, fossils, roads, public and private edifices, universities, &c. contained in each: and all that is interesting relative to the customs, manners, genius, tempers, habits, amusements, ceremonies, comemrce, arts, sciences, manufactures, and language of the inhabitants. Together with an accurate and lively description of all the various kinds of birds, beasts, reptiles, fishes, amphibious creatures, insects, &c. Including the substance and essence of the most remarkable voyages and travels, which have been performed by the navigators and travellers of different countries, particularly the late discoveries in the south seas, and towards the North pole; with every curiosity that has hitherto appeared respecting the different parts of the universe. Comprising every interesting discovery and circumstances in the narratives of Captain Cook's voyages round the world. Together with all the recent discoveries made in the Pelew Islands, New Holland, New South Wales, Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Norfolk Island, north and west coasts of America, the interior parts of America, Africa, China, Caffraria, India East and West, Arabia, Madagascar, Russia, &c. &c. Carefully written and compiled from the late journals of the voyages and travels of Captains Phillips, King, Ball, Hunter, White, Dixon, Portlock, Mears, Patterson, Bruce, Anbury, Rochon, Morse, Blyth, Ross, Imlay, Keate, Brissot, Hodges, &c. &c. Also compendious histories of every empire, kingdom, state, &c. with their various revolutions. To which will be added a new, complete, and easy guide to geogrphy, astronomy, the use of the globes, &c. With an account of the rise and progress of navigation, its improvements and utility to mankind. The whole embellished and and enriched with upwards of an hundred most elegant and superb copper-plates, engraved in such a manner as to do infinite honour to the respective artists by whom they are executed. These embellishments consist of views, maps, land and water perspectives; birds, beasts, fishes, &c. as also the various dresses of the inhabitants of different countries, with their strange ceremonies, customs, amusements, &c. &c. By George Augustus Baldwyn, Esq. Assisted by many gentlemen eminent for their knowledge in the science of geography; particularly by Charles Andrew Robertson, Esq.-Clement Walley Oulion, Esq.-and Henry Hogg, M.A. author of the New universal letter writer, and teacher of geography, astronomy, navigation, &c

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