Context of An account of six years residence in Hudson's-Bay, : from 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747. By Joseph Robson, late surveyor and supervisor of the buildings to the Hudson's-Bay company. Containing a Variety of Facts, Observations, and Discoveries, tending to shew, I. The vast Importance of the Countries about Hudson's-Bay to Great-Britain, on Account of the extensive Improvements that may be made there in many beneficial Articles of Commerce, particularly in the Furs and in the Whale and Seal Fisheries. And, II. The interested Views of the Hudson's bay Company: and the absolute Necessity of laying open the Trade, and making it the Object of National Encouragement, as the only Method of keeping it out of the Hands of the French. To which is added an Appendix; containing, I. A short History of the Discovery of Hudson's-Bay; and of the Proceedings of the English there since the Grant of the Hudson's-Bay Charter: Together with Remarks upon the Papers and Evidence produced by that Company before the Committee of the Honourable House of Commons, in the Year 1749. II. An Estimate of the Expence of building the Stone Fort, called Prince of Wales's-Fort, at the entrance of Churchill-River. III. The Soundings of Nelson-River. IV. A Survey of the Course of Nelson-River. V. A Survey of Seal and Gillam's Islands. And, VI. A Journal of the Winds and Tides at Churchill-River, for Part of the Years 1746 and 1747. The whole illustrated, by a draught of Nelson and Hayes's Rivers; a draught of Churchill-River; and plans of York-Fort, and Prince of Wales's Fort

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