Context of Discourses on public occasions in America. : By William Smith, D. D. Provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia. The second edition. Containing, I. Sundry discourses during the ravages of the French and Indians, preached with a View to the explaining the Importance of the Protestant Cause in the British Colonies, and promoting a general Zeal for their Defence. II. A Thanksgiving-Discourse from Exod. xv. 1. on the Reduction of Louisbourg, and Success of the Campaign 1758. III. * A Discourse in two Parts, from Ps. ii. 8. concerning the Conversion of the Heathen-Americans, and final Propagation of Christianity and the Sciences to the Ends of the Earth. Part I. Preached before a voluntary Convention of Episcopal Clergy at Philadelphia, May 2d, 1760. Part II. Preached at the first anniversary Commencement in the College there. IV. * A Discourse from 1 Kings, viii. 13, 27, 57, 60. at the Opening of St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia, Sept. 4th, 1761. V. Two Funeral Discourses. With an appendix containing, I. *A letter to a clergyman on the Frontiers of Pennsylvania, on Braddock's defeat; concerning the Duty of Protestant Ministers in Times of Public Danger. II. An Address to the Colonies, on opening the Campaign, 1758. III. * A General Idea of the College of Mirania, and the Method of teaching Religion and Science therein; first published as a plan for a College in New-York, in the Year 1753. IV. An Account of the College and Academy of Philadelphia. V. A Charge to the first Graduates in the said College. VI. A Philosophical Meditation and Address to the Supreme Being

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