Context of A new geographical, commercial, and historical grammar : and present state of the several empires and Kingdoms of the world. Containing I. The distances, figures, and revolutions of the celestial bodies, as demonstrated by Sir Isaac Newton, and observed by the latest Astronomers. II. A description of the earth, considered as one of the revolving bodies in the general system; with several definitions and problems necessary for understanding the science of Geography. III. An account of the great divisions of the surface of the globe into continents, islands, oceans, seas, &c. IV. An accurate and particular description of all the empires, kingdoms, and states in the world, as situated with regard to one another. V. The climate and soil, with its productions, whether vegetable or mineral; the natural curiosities; a particular description of the sea-coasts, including all the bays, capes, promontories, and adjacent rocks; with an account of the most remarkable lakes and rivers. VI An account of the animals, whether birds, beasts, fishes, or insects, found in each country. Vii. Observations on the various parts of the globe in which history makes mention of any remarkable change having naturally taken place. Viii. An history of all nations from their origin; laws, government, religion, manners, and customs; distinctions of rank, revenues, taxes, strength by sea and land IX. The genius and external appearance of the people X. An account of their learning, arts, language, manufactures, and commerce. XI. The chief cities, artificial curiosities, antiquities, &c. To which is added, I. A geographical index, with the names of places, alphabetically arranged. II. A Table of the Coins of all the different Nations, with their value in Sterling money. III. A Chronological Table of remarkable Events, from the earliest accounts to the present time. The whole executed on a plan similar to that of W. Guthrie, Esq; by a society in Edinburgh. The Astronomical part collected from the works of James Ferguson, F. R. S. Enriched with the late discoveries of Dr. Herschel, and other eminent Astronomers. Embellished with An elegant set of Maps, engraved on purpose, more numerous, accurate, and exhibiting more fully the new Geographical Discoveries than those to be met with in any former publication

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