Context of A set of thirty six new and correct maps of Scotland : Divided into its Shires, &c. A Work long wanted, and very useful for all Gentlemen that Travel to any Part of that Kingdom. All, except two, composed and done by Herman Moll, geographer. Viz. 1. Scotia Antiqua qualis priscis temporibus Romanis praesertim, cognita fuit quam in lucem eruere conabatur R. Gordonius a Straloch. 2. A General Map of Scotland divided into its Shires. 3. Galloway contains the Shires of Wigton and Kirkendbright. 4. The West Part of Galloway contains the Shire of Wigton. 5. The Mid-Part of Galloway contains the West Part of Kirkenbright. 6. The East Part of Galloway, being the other Part of the Shire of Kirkendbright. 7. The North Part of the Shire of Roxburgh, and the Shire of Selkirk, called also Etterick Forrest. 8. The Shire of Dumfries, or Nithisdale. 9. Anandale, which is part of Dumfrieshire. Eusdale, or Eskdale and Liddesdale is the South Part of Roxbourghshire. 10. The Shire of Berwick alias the Mers or March and Lauderdale. 11. Lothian contains the Shire of Linlithgow, or West Luthian. The Shire of Edinburgh or Mid-Lothian, and the Shire of Haddington or East Lothian. 12. Tweddale, alias the Shire of Peebles, &c. 13. The Shire of Clydsdale, or Lanerk. 14. The South Part of the Shire of Air, containing Kyle and Carrick. 15. The Shire of Renfrew, with Cunningham, the North Part of the Shire of Air. 16. The Shire of Bute contains Bute and Arran, with Cantire, which is part of Argyleshire. 17. Argyle, Lorn, Knapdale, and Cowal, all Parts of Argyleshire. 18. The Shires of Lenox or Dunbarton. 19. The Shires of Stirling and Clackmannen, with Menteith, which is part of Perthshire. 20. The Shires of Fife and Kinros. 21. The South Part of Perthshire, containing Perth, Strathern, Stormunt, and Cars of Gourie. 22. The North Part of Perthshire, containing Athol and Broad Albin. 23. The Shire of Angus or Forfar, 24. The Shire of Kincairden or Mears, with the South Part of Aberdeenshire. 25. The Shires of Bamf and Aberdeen. 26. The Shires of Murray and Nairn. 27. The East Part of the Shire of Inverness, with Badenoch, which is part of it. 28. The West Part of Inverness, contains Lochaber, with all the Territories West from it. 29. The Shires of Ross and Cromartie. 30. The Shires of Caithness and Sutherland, with Strath Naurn, which is part of Sutherland. 31. Orkneyshire. 32. The Islands of Shetland, being part of Orkneyshire. 33. The North West Parts of the Western Islands. 34. The Isle of Mull, &c. 35. The Isle of Jura, &c. 36. The Isle of Ila, &c. is part of Argyleshire, (electronic resource)



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